Café Kitchen yarn - Mint (N°19)
  • Café Kitchen yarn - Mint (N°19)
  • Café Kitchen yarn - Mint (N°19)
  • Café Kitchen yarn - Mint (N°19)
  • Tawashi special yarn : Café Kitchen in mint color

Café Kitchen yarn - Mint (N°19)

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Café Kitchen is a yarn designed especially to make tawashi, traditional eco scrubbing brush that you can machine wash and use for several years.

Mint soft color for your kitchen or bathroom.

Using antibacterial silver ion technology, this yarn does not mold or smell bad and has a rough surface so that it can scrap pans better.

You can also use it to knit or crochet exfoliating gloves for the bathroom.

100% acrylic, it has a natural look unlike other specific tawashi yarns.

25g for 48m (plenty enough for one tawashi).

Made in Japan.

Knitting needles 4,5 to 5,10mm.

Crochets hooks 4 to 5 mm.

Daruma brand.


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