Japanese embroidery material for sashiko, temari balls, kogin, cross stitch...


  • Sashiko

    Threads, canvas, needles and kits for japanese sashiko embroidery

    Canvas sold in small coupons (around 33cm x 33cm) or by the meter with a minimum of 40cm and by multiples of 10cm.

  • Kogin

    Kits, threads and canvas for traditional kogin (こぎん) japanese embroidery.

    Kogin is a kind of counted stitch embroidery (in lines, unlike cross stitch).

    Discover here our specific canvas, threads, needles and complete kits.

  • Temari balls

    Temari are traditional japanese embroidered balls

    Discover our kits, ready made balls, threads or specific needles.

  • Cross stitch

    Japanese cross stitch kits

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